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Digital Media Rights; Do We Truly Own What We Purchase?

Digital Media Rights; Do We Truly Own What We Purchase?

This is a very informative article, and a must read, for those of us who assumed that the digital content we buy is ours and accessible on demand.

Digital Media Consumption

The cause and effect of Digital Stores permanency and the goods sold therein.

By: Chris Berto

Digital content is quickly becoming more and more prevalent as the preferred method of media consumption including music, movies, and even video games; but what happens when digital store fronts close down? What happens to your purchased content when a server is shut down? Does the company owe you anything? Did you ever truly own the content in question? That’s what we’re going to discuss.

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3 Simple Ways To “Know Your Audience” On Twitter

3 Simple Ways To “Know Your Audience” On Twitter

Digital Marketing Matters

3 Simple Ways To Know Your Audience On Twitter

A common saying in marketing is “Know your audience” which sounds great, but how do you get to know your audience on Twitter?  As one of my favorite cartoons, GI Joe used to say: “Knowing is half the battle.”  Here are 3 simple ways to know your Twitter audience:

  1. Use Twitter’s Analytics Page.

Twitter actually provides free analytics to all users, but not everyone takes advantage of it. There are multiple tabs to examine including an overview, demographics, lifestyle, consumer behavior, and mobile footprint.  Within these tabs is actually quite a bit of information.  You can learn about your audience’s occupations, interests, income, gender, political affiliation, buying styles, country and region, etc.  This is the quickest, easiest way to learn information about your audience on Twitter.  I’ve included a couple of images from my own Twitter analytics page below.

2. Read The Profiles of Your Followers.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 4.34.25 PM

When someone follows you…

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Using Hashtags Effectively On Social Media

Excellent article and very informative. I never knew about – sounds like a great tool.

Purely Social Media

IMG_1389Everyone from Kimye to Politicians use hashtags on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Some people even use it in day to day conversations nowadays. #Guilty.

I have a love hate relationship with hashtags. When they are used correctly, they add to your content and attract new followers/customers/UFO’s. Used wrongly, and they can be pretty annoying to see. Sometimes you see people typing a 20 character status on Twitter and use the extra 120 characters on hashtags – #wrongwaytousethem! There’s a thin line between tolerated and completely intolerable. So, lucky for all of you, I am here to tell you how to use them effectively to benefit your business or blog.

Being a Blogger of almost five years means you get to hear about all of the funny mistakes I’ve made over the years, knowing you will never face the embarrassment of making the mistakes I have. I once posted a picture…

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