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5 Organizations that Will Rebrand in 2016

The first two on the list are spot on! Fascinating insight.

Rikki writes.

brandingMost of us haven’t even started to think about the New Years Resolutions we’ll set and them promptly abandon in early 2016. But brands are deep into media and marketing planning season, thinking about the moves they’ll make in 2016. And many of them will decide that they need the marketing equivalent of a full-body cleanse: a rebrand.

Here are my predictions for the organizations that will rebrand next year (and how they’ll do it):

1.Volkswagen – This is low-hanging fruit, obviously, but Volkswagen is sure to rebrand in 2016. I predict that they’ll rely heavily on the reputation of their individual dealerships. You’ll see more advertising dollars spent on region-specific ads, a major charitable contribution to a nonprofit that advocates for clean air, and a new product (or at least the announcement of a new product). My money is on an Audi at a lower price point, with the…

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