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Facebook’s rapid expansion leaves image tarnished

Facebook’s rapid expansion leaves image tarnished

Trust is such a fragile thing in this age. One misstep can have severe consequences.

Global Business Trends in the 21st Century

Trust. It is one of the most elusive qualities a business can obtain, and one of the most difficult to maintain, as Facebook has been discovering in recent months.

Controversy after controversy seems to be attracted to it, the latest of which is Youtuber Hank Green’s allegation that the company has intentionally overstated how many videos have been watched on its site. In his blog, Green alleged that Facebook had “fundamentally devalued” online video by inflating statistics, calling them a “lie”. In April, Facebook said that its users had viewed four billion views daily.

This is not the only controversy Facebook has been involved in. Viruses bedevil the site daily, many of which are pornographic in content, while the astronomical pace of its expansion has drawn highly unfavourable parallels to Microsoft in the 1990s. Likewise, the popularity of the network among middle-aged and elderly people has led to it loosing its…

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