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When Should You Be Posting On Social Media?

This is a must read article for anyone trying to optimize their online presence. Timing is everything and it’s important understand your audience and their viewing habits. — Rose

April 15, 2015, 11:46 am Luke Chaffey – KBB Digital Kochie’s Business Builders

What’s the use of publishing posts on social media if nobody sees them?

It’s so important to find the “prime time” for social media amongst your industry, and for the different social media that you post on.

It’s worth noting that there is no one time that everything peaks at. For example, peak time for automotive posts and interests is anywhere between 8am and 11pm at night, whereas food-related posts peak between 4pm and 6pm, with a massive spike around 5pm, due to dinner preparations and recipe sharing.

Different industries have different trends, so it’s worth learning what yours are.

How to Find Your Optimum Posting Time

There are many online tools that can help you find your optimum posting time. One is BrandCare’s social media monitoring tool (which you can try for free) that lets you set up filters and then graphs the timings of particular mentions in your industry so you can see the peak hours and plan accordingly.

Other tools that do the same thing include SocialMentions, TrendyBuzz, and Engagor.

The Variances between Different Social Media Sites

Not all social media are created equal in terms of active engagement and participation. Google+ for instance tends to cater to business and IT professionals which is probably why it is most active early in the morning, around 9am.

Tumblr, on the other hand, is a hip youth and artist hangout. If you post on there during daytime hours you can expect nothing but radio silence as it is active late at night (think 11pm and later).

LinkedIn is another business site, and as salary earners tend to clock out early on Friday afternoons making the most of their glide time, little happens on LinkedIn past noon on Friday. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are good days to make the most of LinkedIn.

Pinterest on the other hand is all about the weekend. Retail and fashion trends spike around 3pm on a Friday, and continue all throughout the weekend.

Social media giant Facebook experiences the highest click-through rates between 1pm and 4pm weekdays with Twitter following suit. However avoid Facebook on weekends between 8pm in the evening and 8am in the morning.

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How to Use This Information

What savvy social media users know, and what I hope you have learned from this post, is that there is a science to conquering the social media arena. Ways to make the most of your newfound knowledge include:

• Using scheduling tools like Hootsuite to write your posts in advance then automate them to be posted at the most socially lucrative times across various social media

• Observe and monitor the times when your competitors are posting, and see whether these are moments that could be capitalised on

• Understanding better the customer decision making process. What times of the day are they looking at products; what times of the day are they looking at company reviews; what times are they visiting websites?

• Comparing times across different social media platforms relevant to your product and industry

Once you have analysed all of the above information, you are in a good position to create a customised content plan that is targeted on increasing social media ROI, and stop relying on guesswork.

Luke Chaffey is a Digital Marketing Specialist with KBB Digital. For advice on Digital Marketing, including SEO Services and Digital Strategy, visit KBB Digital.

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