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5 Ways to Utilize Pinterest to Network and Promote Your Business

5 Ways to Utilize Pinterest to Network and Promote Your Business

Pinterest was essentially a site for women to share images of products and projects. This site has overtime become one of the most active social networks online and that makes it a perfect spot for you to promote your business. You can be creative and visually share your ideas here and earn a profit. The people that frequent this site love to repin and share others photos from all different types of categories. The key to social networking is to maintain balance. You have to balance the three key things which are making money, social networking, and self-promotion in order to be successful.

Here are five effortless ways to use Pinterest to promote your business and earn profits.

1. Endorse Your Own Blog – Images of your blog are pinnable, so you want to always add an image of your most recent blog posts to your board. Be sure to…

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Why Use Social Media?


In the last two years, I noticed more and more companies saying they need to use social media to communicate with consumers. But often they don’t know why or how to integrate it into their current marketing plan. This causes a big problem upfront, not understanding social media’s value or worth. The role itself I have seen as a silo function, part of the PR team, or even just being one of the tasks of an already overworked Marketing Manager.

Often, when an initiative starts out like this it is doomed to fail. The company and management need to see the value in using social and have a clear objective to ensure the program succeeds. Some of the common reasons for using social media are:

  • Generate leads
  • Build brand awareness
  • Establish and share the company culture
  • To create a buzz
  • Customer retention
  • Become a thought leader
  • Help ranking within search…

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