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Beat the Competition: Creating Brand Loyalty Through Social Media Relations

This is a fascinating example of PR at its best! I think this should definitely be something to study of when people develop such a deep connection with a company’s brand, that they make it part of their identity.

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Quick Tip: YouTube for Authors

Archer's Aim

Need to get more use out of YouTubeLogo

When I was preparing my video for The Bow of Destiny campaign on Indiegogo several weeks ago I haphazardly uploaded my material without thinking too much about YouTube and the channel I was presenting. Since I don’t intend to post large amounts of video I just didn’t see the value. But like most social media this it is a fallacy to underestimate the value of any service. I was focused on the project and thought little of what I could do.

Tip #1: Even if you are working on a project and getting into a new social media platform stop and learn a few things.

Tip #2: Link as much as you can to your channel. I recently went back to my channel and linked as much of my other social media channels into YouTube so people can see what I’m up to…

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