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Quick Fixes to Images in Your Posts

Quick Fixes to Images in Your Posts

This has always been one of my biggest issues. Great advice!

The Daily Post

Are you new to inserting images in your posts? Here’s a roundup of quick fixes:

Display a bigger image

Isn’t it unfortunate when you read a post with great photography — but the images are too small? The blogger might ask you to “click the image to see a bigger version,” too. This isn’t necessarily a no-no, but it’s an extra step for your reader to view your photos. Plus, with all the sophisticated themes out there that display full-width images beautifully, there may be a better way to showcase your images.

For a list of resources on images, check out this support page.

When you’re editing an image to insert into a post, you can set the size in the Attachment Display Settings section:

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 3.02.41 PM

Be sure to experiment with and preview the sizes of your images. Oftentimes, a tiny image — set to “Thumbnail” — could be displayed bigger. For example, here’s…

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Why Don’t Freelance Writers Get Bylines?

This is a great article that raises very important questions for any freelance writer who struggles to get byline work.

HSW Digital and Social Marketing

As a freelance writer, I have probably composed articles, press releases, and blog posts about every subject imaginable. I have written car reviews, explained escort services, advised on proper handling of titanium alloys, broke down step-by-step dental procedures to put the audience at ease, and dozens more. In the hundreds of articles I have written that are currently online, I have bylines for maybe 10.

Via Pixabay by Unsplash Via Pixabay by Unsplash

There are some companies I work for that I understand I probably won’t get a byline. For example, I work for CopyPress which is an amazing website. I am one of the cogs in their content strategy machine. I get the benefit of working with quality clients, writing quality articles and having a quality team behind me to make my writing the best it can be. I would guess only 5% of the articles I have written for them have my…

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3 Tips to finding Social Media ROI

MGMT Clarity Blog

We’ve had the privilege of working in social media since the early days when we partnered with a leading clothing retailer back in 2010 to introduce a product-level Facebook Like button. This may seem like table steaks given eMarketer estimates that 88% of marketers cite they will use social media in their marketing mix today, but at the time it wasn’t clear just how well it would work. Now 4 years later, brands tie goals to their social media programs, commonly citing brand awareness, customer acquisition and retention as top of mind.

With that, a much greater challenge has risen now that most of us have social media programs in place – ensuring social media delivers ROI. In Chief Marketer’s August 2013 study, 58% said it was “hard to determine ROI.” This lack of measurability is making it hard to justify increased investment as the cost to support these goals grows…

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Learning from Successful Social Media Strategists


Business-to-consumer communication has been revolutionized with the advent of social media in the last decade. With nearly 80 percent of corporations now incorporating social media into their marketing and communication mix, the role of a social strategist is becoming more and more standard as a needed and respected part of the team. Mashable recently published an awesome infographic about what it takes to be a social strategist. Even if you have no desire to make social media your 9-to-5, what are some things you can learn from the social media managers and other social media professionals surveyed?Â

The characteristics identified as making these strategists successful at their jobs were, in order:

  • “I’m multi-disciplinary and can wear many hats.” (58%)
  • “I’m willing to take risks.” (46%)
  • “I can rally different stakeholders across the organization.” (45%)
  • “I can effectively lead a multi-faceted, cross-departmental effort.” (38%)
  • “I have experience in social media.”…

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