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What are you socially worth?

Corporate Risks Insights

Yesterday, the unspeakable of happened!! It was a terrifying experience…

“I Forgot my Mobile Phone at home !!!!!!”

I went on for close to Nine long hours without a whatsapp or viber or text message, no recollection whatsoever of any of my contacts’ phone number…Can you just imagine the sheer terror that I lived in!! I even went nineties style and called the operator to get a colleague’s number! then shame on me, used the land line (please don’t judge!) to call him.

Then guess what, this terror slowly turned into anticipation, and a bit later into excitement, as I was thinking to myself, “how many whatsapp messages am I going to find when I get back?”, “Did (that person) call?”, “Did she worry about me?”, “What if I didn’t find a message from her? Does that mean she doesn’t give a damn!?”

For those who are intrigued of what…

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