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Glassdoor – A Valuable PR Tool You May Have Overlooked

Glassdoor is an excellent resource from researching companies to employee reviews of the workplace – Grade: A

The Official Blog of PPRA

You’ve probably heard of Glassdoor – the job and career site launched in 2008 which offers something unique compared to other job boards – employee and interview experience reviews. As with Yelp, Trip Advisor, Open Table or any other website that encourages customer or visitor reviews, Glassdoor publishes all employee reviews, positive and negative (excluding those that may include inappropriate language). Although it is your human resources team’s role to track, monitor and be in-the-know about Glassdoor reviews that can harm a company’s reputation, Glassdoor is also a valuable tool for public relations pros.

Utilize this tool two ways – read the employee reviews and ensure the page enhances your company’s image wherever possible.

Uncover What You Don’t Know Through Employee Reviews.
Here’s an idea. When your creative side is feeling challenged for the next topic to pitch, visit your company or external client’s Glassdoor page and scan employee reviews…

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When Social Media Doesn’t Work For You | LinkedIn

A comment that I hear over and over again is: “Social media does not work.”

If your social media efforts aren’t producing any measurable results for your business, then there is a very good chance that you may not be using social media tools properly.

It is easy to misunderstand what the purpose of social networking is. Let’s start with a very important shift in your approach to your online persona. It’s the way you refer to and think about social media outlets. One of my clients, a very talented young photographer by the name of Jesse Starr, and I had a conversation about that very topic. Because he is a Millennial (and I am not) I wanted to know what his thoughts are about social media. He immediately said that nobody he knew would call it “media,” rather in his circles they refer to it as “networks.” That got me thinking. If it’s called network versus media, then that would imply an inherent distinction between what the users expectations are. Media refers to news and advertising outlets. Network refers to a connection between like-minded users.

Over – Everything

Have you noticed how quickly trends become a nuisance? I am talking about trendy tools like surveys, or pop up opt-in layover windows. On that first one, why does every company that I do business with (yes GoDaddy I am talking to you,) have to send me a link to their survey EVERY single time I contact support- it’s beyond me. Or how about some of the blogs that I read frequently making me battle the same pop up window (even if I already subscribed to their feed) every time I go to their website? It really bugs me! Is the user experience geared only toward new users not recurring ones? Chances are that if you are annoyed by others doing it to you – it is highly likely that it works the same the other way around too. When we overdo capture vs. content – the user experience becomes unpleasant – and users will stay away.

Over- Advertising & Promoting

How would you feel if every time I connected with you, it was through a message that would say: buy this, sign up for this- and I wouldn’t give you a single piece of valuable information? A good rule is to offer three to four pieces of content and do one promotion. It’s always okay to keep offering content continuously without an offer for purchase – but you are training your list to expect that from you. When you are running promotions only a few times a year, then it’s appropriate to roll out an email campaign with multiple sales pieces. As for me, I create a lot of content and like everyone, I need to make money. Here and there I do a joint venture and run campaigns for partners because I like their work. When I run my own programs, like the one for CreativeLive or the PhotoBiz Bootcamp opening again in September), I write multiple email campaigns. An email campaign leading to a sales event can last over a few weeks or be short and intense. Depending on what your intentions are, you want to either warm up your prospects slowly, or persuade them quickly.

Forgetting to Network

I mentioned that we should think about social outlets more as networks versus advertising media. All social networks are relationship building tools, and not sales tools. Before anyone will fork over hard earned money or shower you with the contents of their increasingly limited budgets, they want to know that you are the right person to do the job. The days of ‘discovering amazing talent’ are long gone. As a former photo editor for Elle back in the days, I spent hours finding new talent by going to the magazine stand, flipping through industry source books and specialty magazines. Today there is so much noise out there that quality of the talent has sadly taken a secondary rule. The first question is – are you the right one for the job, and the second question is – can you do it within my budget?

Good Practices

Social networking is about building relationships. The way business is done has changed significantly, but one thing has not. It is a necessity to convince and persuade a potential client that we are the right choice for the job.

That also means that each business must find out which outlet works for which kind of information, and what language you should use in that outlet. When you have figured that part out by judging the response you are getting, then you can target your relationship building efforts. Not all outlets will work for you, some you will like more than others. It is impossible to be equally good at everything. That means pick and choose what feels right for your type, and suits your personality. Some do great with just blogs, others don’t like writing and for some, YouTube is the key. Yet others want to share quickly so they love tweeting. Find out what works for you and your clients. Over time it becomes clearer and easier to speak in the language your customers respond to.

Social networking strategies and platform building is one of the 12 steps of the business building course I am teaching at CreativeLive. This is your last call. Please RSVP for my course now that runs May 15th to 17th

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Suprising Instagram Facts that will Change Your Marketing Plan

Suprising Instagram Facts that will Change Your Marketing Plan

HSW Digital and Social Marketing

Instagram is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the social media marketing landscape. Much of its success is attributed to its photo-centric approach that makes it easy for users to interact with brands. However, there are some surprising facts about Instagram that might change your approach to your marketing content.

Via Flickr by danpeerflix Via Flickr by danpeerflix

There is No “Best Day” for Posting

Posts on Instagram happen 24/7. Much like Twitter, this means there is no best day for posting. Metrics will only tell us that most photos are posted on Thursday, that photo sharing and interaction is most effective on Saturday and Sunday, and that most weekend photo posts receive interaction on Monday.

Photos are Better than Video

Instagram released a 15 second video option to compete with the similar Vine platform. However, videos are created and shared very little on the platform. Only 4% of brands have begun…

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5 Browser Extensions to Improve Your Social Media Marketing | Social Media Examiner

5 Browser Extensions to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

By Alex Manthei

Published May 1, 2014

Do you use browser extensions to manage your social media?

Are you looking for more browser-based tools?

There are a number of options to help community managers kick normal workflows into hyperdrive.

In this article, you’ll discover five web apps and extensions to turn your browser into a productive social media machine.

Why Web Browser Apps and Extensions?

With a bit of retooling, browsers can become the perfect place to manage your social networks and services by building a personalized combination of apps and extensions to handle the unique needs of your online presence.

It’s up to you which browser you use, but I suggest Chrome. Not only is it the most widely used browser (at 56%), it’s also the platform where the most exciting web development is happening right now.

Chrome has the most development going on right now. But the Safari, Firefox and Opera browsers are brilliant too.

So keep reading for five social media tools that teach an old dog (your browser) some new tricks.

#1: Engage on Instagram from Your Browser

Managing a brand’s Instagram account from your phone can be incredibly frustrating if you’re also a power user of the mobile app in your personal life. Constantly signing in and out of the app and remembering to make sure you’re signed into the right account can be a deterrent to using the platform.

Trying to run everything and answer questions and comments from the web-based isn’t much better, as it requires you to constantly navigate to that one page.

There’s a better way. Install this third-party Instagram extension for Chrome. This extension allows you to engage on Instagram without going to your phone or to the website.

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