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Introducing: Grow Your Traffic, Build Your Blog | The Daily Post

Introducing: Grow Your Traffic, Build Your Blog

by Ben Huberman on January 31, 2014

Make room on your (virtual) bookshelf: today, we’re excited to announce the release of our new, free ebook, Grow Your Traffic, Build Your Blog: Tips and Tricks for the Tenacious Blogger.


“Oh, I have enough visitors already. I couldn’t care less about my blog’s traffic,” said no blogger, ever. Of course, we blog because we love sharing our perspective and enjoy belonging to a larger community of like-minded bloggers. But most of us would also love to see our voices reach new audiences with the content we invest so much time and love to create.

That’s where our ebook comes in. It’s chock-full of actionable advice and time-tested blogging wisdom, featuring sections on interpreting your blog’s stats, making the most of social media, and building content strategies that attract readers, among several others. It’s a comprehensive resource you can use whenever you feel like your blog needs that extra boost.

If you want to try out some new tricks to increase your blog’s visibility and grow your readership, give it a spin (and if you haven’t already, do also check out our inspiration-full first ebook, 365 Days of Writing Prompts). It’s available in .epub, .mobi, and .pdf formats, so you can read it on your tablet, smartphone, reader, or computer. Download it now by clicking on the download links, or to go to the download page.

via Introducing: Grow Your Traffic, Build Your Blog | The Daily Post.

Absolutely fabulous tips for anyone looking to increase traffic to their blogs.

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Does your LinkedIn profile look like a stick figure or a superhero? Five+ tips to become a LinkedIn All-Star.

The #WinningEdge Blog

To get started, let’s look at some interesting LinkedIn power facts:

  • Launched May 2003, went public 2011.
  • 300 million users worldwide, 85 million US (10/2013).
  • 2 milion C-level execs on LinkedIn
  • 1.3 Million small business execs
  • 50+ % of users have Bachelors degree or higher.
  • LinkedIn’s business valuation through the roof! High expectations. Stock price is not too shabby either ($200+)!
  • Cost to use without paid advertising = $0.00
  • Get more facts here

imagesLinkedIn is positioned to be the most powerful networking and marketing tool for business EVER! Our world is more connected than ever due to the proliferation of mobile devices and social media (some might argue disconnected but I disagree!).  LinkedIn allows you to promote and market you personal brand and your business 24*7 for free.  Where else can you connect with everyone you know – and everyone they know and so on – for free.

With that said…

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It’s scary how much people share on social media. Jack Vale was able to walk up to complete strangers and reveal intimate details about their lives, from where they work to what they had dinner. This should also be a cautionary tale for using privacy settings!

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Top 10 Social Media Blog Finalists 2014: This Week in Social Media | Social Media Examiner

By Cindy King

Published January 18, 2014

Welcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news.

Finalists: Top 10 Social Media Blogs 2014

We received over 600 nominations for our fifth-annual Top 10 Social Media Blogs contest (the blogosphere’s biggest contest for social media blogs).

The list of 22 finalists is pretty impressive! See for yourself below.

The judges: Our judges include Lee Odden (author of Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing and CEO of TopRank Online Marketing), Denise Wakeman (founder of the Blog Squad™) and Neal Schaffer (author of three books, including Maximizing LinkedIn for Sales and Social Media Marketing). They are currently finishing up their reviews of these sites.

Here are the finalists (in alphabetical order):





Amy Porterfield

Bloggers Make Money

Boom Social

Brands With Fans

Christian Karasiewicz

Danny Brown

Jenn’s Trends

Jon Loomer

Likeable Daily



Post Planner

Pushing Social


Simply Measured

Social Media Frontiers

Socially Sorted

Socially Stacked



Top Dog Social Media

How We’ll Pick the Winners

#1: Initial Qualification: A blog must have a strong social media focus and must have been nominated multiple times by multiple individuals. If someone nominated more than one blog, only the first nomination was counted.

#2: Final Winner Selection

Quality of posts: Our judges will examine and score the quality of posts on each blog. Educational and discussion-spurring posts are more valuable than self-promoting posts.

Frequency of posts: Blogs that feature multiple posts per week will score higher. This is a sign of the blogger’s commitment to blogging.

Reader involvement: Regular comments from readers are another sign of a healthy blog. In addition, the number of nominations for a specific blog plays a part in this.

Blog ranking: The number of other blogs that link to the nominated blog shows the value of the content. We’ll use accepted third-party blog ranking systems for this portion of the score.

Congratulations to the finalists! We’ll announce the winners here soon!

via Top 10 Social Media Blog Finalists 2014: This Week in Social Media | Social Media Examiner.

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Responding to a social media crisis explained

social media how to

Does your brand have a crisis response plan in place?

Do you know what tactics to use to defend your reputation online?

In this article, you’ll discover three examples of reputation crisis response and seven steps for defending your own reputation online.

Read more here

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Why social media makes sense for your professional practice or business

The #WinningEdge Blog

The big four social media tools for business are LinkedInTwitterFacebook and Google+. Blogging can probably be added to this list and it is also a good way to connect with clients and prospects that sign up via your website. And blogging content can be re-purposed into valuable social media posts.  Typically your clients will have a social media preference or two, but the big four will cover most everyone.

Why get your firm involved? 

  • You can build brand awareness fairly inexpensively – everyone you connect to extends to everyone they know and everyone they know and so on. The more people that see your posts, the more likely you will be on their mind when they eventually need your services. 
  • You build trust and loyalty with clients and prospects by educating them on key issues. 
  • Social media posts helps drive website traffic and blog traffic

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